Global Advisory Panel on Corporate Governance and Risk Management of Blood Services in Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

GAP Self-assessment in India

GAP has been undertaking an expanded Self-assessment program with the Indian Red Cross, with a sub-set of the largest blood banks having completed the questionnaire since 2015.  This process is aiming to provide increased visibility for the Indian Red Cross and GAP on the risks which exist in each centre, and for the Indian Red Cross blood network as a whole.

A GAP delegation visited India in September 2015 to discuss the results of the ongoing Self-assessment program with the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS).  During the visit a number of meetings were held with major stakeholders in the national blood program including the IRCS blood bank National Headquarters in New Delhi and two state IRCS blood centres (Ahmedabad and Godhra), IFRC and the National AIDS Control Organisaiton (Ministry of Family Health & Welfare).


Above: GAP delegates visiting Dr Vanshree Singh at the IRCS New Delhi Blood Bank National HQ 

Above: GAP delegates visiting with the IRCS in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Regional Meeting

A GAP Self-assessment regional meeting was held in Delhi in November 2016 to bring together representatives of the IRCS blood banks who have completed the GAP Self-assessment questionnaire.  The meeting was well attended with representatives from 17 blood banks travelling to Delhi from around the country to attend.  It was the first opportunity for representatives of the IRCS blood banks to come together to discuss their activities, strengths and challenges.  

Above and below: Participants at the GAP Self-assessment regional meeting in Delhi