Global Advisory Panel on Corporate Governance and Risk Management of Blood Services in Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


The Honduran Red Cross Blood Service has been a GAP support country since 2012, with a dedicated bilateral project with the Swiss Red Cross.    

The project 'Strengthening of the Honduran Red Cross National Blood Program' aimed to assure the availability and security of blood and blood products for all patients, by strengthening the technical, administrative and governance capacity of the Honduran Red Cross' National Blood Program.

The outcomes of the project were:

  • Establishment of the National Blood Program's own, duly constituted governance structure, with the delegation of responsibilities necessary to conduct effective technical and administrative management
  • Creation of a unified coordinated National Blood System based on voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation
  • Strengthening the National Blood Program's technical and administrative, governance and risk management capacity
  • Strengthening voluntary blood donation.



Above: Honduran Red Cross Blood service staff

Above: A workshop with the Honduran Red Cross Blood Service