Global Advisory Panel on Corporate Governance and Risk Management of Blood Services in Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


GAP has a well-established association with the Nepal Red Cross Society National Blood Transfusion Service through its country support program.  Since 2010, GAP has been working with the Nepal Red Cross Society to provide specific risk management and technical assistance to the blood service.

Nepal Earthquake 2015

Following the devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal in April 2015, which caused extensive destruction to infrastructure and livelihoods, GAP has been providing assistance to the Nepal Red Cross in the reconstruction of the national blood service.

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Nepal Blood Service Director in Australia

In 2015, GAP coordinated and sponsored a training program for the Director of the Nepal Red Cross Society National Blood Transfusion Service, Dr Manita Rajkarnikar.

The training was kindly provided by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Dr Rajkarnikar visited a number of facilities in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.  The program covered all aspects of blood service management and blood program delivery including donor selection and collection, quality systems, medical services, testing, processing and order fulfilment, supply chain management, marketing and finance.  

Dr Rajkarnikar provided the following feedback to GAP:
“I convey my sincere thanks to GAP for all support to make this training possible and look forward for continue support and collaboration in future. I look forward to implement in our field whatever I have learned and gained once I return back to the home country.”



Left: Dr Manita Rajkarnikar with staff at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service Melbourne Processing Centre





Improving Blood Service Capability

A joint collaboration between GAP and the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Service to build the blood service capability of the Nepal Red Cross Society National Blood Transfusion Service and improve national coordination of the blood program.

The support program, led by GAP Asia Pacific Zonal Coordinator, Dr Che Kit Lin (Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service), addressed 3 keys areas of need:

  • Procurement and installation of critical equipment (blood fridges, autoclave, plasma expressors, weighing balance and sample racks);
  • Building blood service capability by developing a risk management framework and providing training on donor care and counselling;
  • Improving national coordination of the blood program by holding a development forum with key stakeholders.

The in-country support component of the project was conducted in August 2014.  Two training workshops were held for the Nepal blood service staff on donor care and counselling and risk management.  Broad national representation was achieved at these workshops with blood service staff in attendance from central, district and regional blood centres.  A development forum was also held for key stakeholders to seek opportunities to leverage support and assistance for the blood service to enable the delivery of an effective national blood program.

Dr Rajkarnikar (Director, Nepal Red Cross Society National Blood Transfusion Service) reported that the training provided was highly valued and thanked GAP and the Hong Kong Red Cross for providing the blood service with this support.



Left: Dr Che Kit Lin presenting at the training workshops







Left: Participants at the development forum with the banner acknowledging the support of the HKRC, GAP and NRCS.







Left: Dr Che Kit Lin and Dr Manita Rajkarnikar with the equipment donated by the HKRC.