Global Advisory Panel on Corporate Governance and Risk Management of Blood Services in Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Post-Disaster Support

In terms of disaster response, the existence of a quality blood service is critical to meet the high healthcare demand for blood during the initial emergency phase. While the availability of blood may be a concern in the event of a disaster, ensuring the safety of the blood supply is also of paramount concern.

GAP has a specialist post-disaster role outlined in its terms of reference for the provision of coordination assistance to National Red Cross or Red Crescent blood services in post emergency situations and to assist them in the rebuilding of their blood programme. This support includes immediate and short-term assistance as well as long term recovery effort and rebuilding support once the urgency of the immediate response has passed.

The recent experience of the devastating earthquake in Nepal demonstrated the active role that GAP has in this area, assisting the National Society to restore a functional and safe blood supply as soon as possible following the disaster and importantly in coordinating the long-term rebuilding and recovery of the blood programme once the initial urgency had passed, in conjunction with the support of Partner National Societies.

To read the Nepal post-earthquake recovery program report - click here.