Global Advisory Panel on Corporate Governance and Risk Management of Blood Services in Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Voluntary Non-Remunerated Blood Donation (VNRBD)

VNRBD & the supply of safe blood

In mid-2017, a new program designed to promote VNRBD and make family donors safer in countries with National Society blood programs, was launched by GAP.

This program has been made possible through significant support provided by Swiss Red Cross Humanitarian Foundation together with additional critical resources provided by Belgian Red Cross. VNRBD is well established as a fundamental cornerstone in the development of safe and sustainable blood programs. The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has been a strong advocate for VNRBD and continues to work towards this objective internationally.

This program was developed in response to an increase in demand for advice and resources for improving VNRBD in low-resource settings. It is an expansion of GAP’s current support activities with National Society blood services and provides:

  • a dedicated focal point for VNRBD support and advice
  • strategies and tools to improve the safety of family and replacement donations
  • strategies for the retention of safe family & replacement donors as regular, voluntary donors
  • targeted tools and training
  • advocacy for VNRBD in high level and policy discussions globally

Program Objectives

The VNRBD program has been designed to address the challenges associated with increasing the percentage of voluntary blood donation. It explores the challenges associated with reliance on family and replacement donors, recognising that many countries are still dependent on these, and assists in the development of appropriate strategies for ensuring the safety of all donor populations.


The VNRBD program supports the IFRC / World Health Organisation’s (WHO) framework for global action to achieve 100 percent voluntary blood donation in every country and build a stable pool of the safest possible blood donors.  

GAP would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Swiss Red Cross Humanitarian Foundation and Belgian Red Cross in funding this important initiative.  

For more information please contact the GAP Secretariat.

Tools & Resources

A range of GAP VNRBD templates, forms and tools are available here