Global Advisory Panel on Corporate Governance and Risk Management of Blood Services in Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


MoU Framework - French
MoU Framework - Arabic
VNRBD - IFRC blood donation process poster
VNRBD brochure - FRD A5
VNRBD brochure - post donation care
VNRBD brochure - donate blood
VNRBD poster - retaining FRDs
VNRBD posters - making donors safer
VNRBD posters - awareness and events
VNRBD - donor satisfaction survey
Disclaimer: Before using these resources, please consider which materials are relevant and appropriate for your National Society's level of involvement in blood programs and modify / tailor accordingly. The use of these templates, and all associated documents referenced within, is at the user's own risk. Example Form: Donor Satisfaction SurveyDear DonorPlease help us to evaluate how we performed today by ticking the appropriate box below.Date: Staff pleasant and courteousTime taken for blood donationOverall experience of blood donationFacilities of an acceptable standard, comfortable, clean and attractiveStaff professional, clean and tidyAdequate and appropriate post-donation refreshmentsDo you have any suggestions that might help us to improve the experience for you? *Content obtained from the IFRC Making the Difference Manual