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Strengthen your blood program through easily accessible training.  GAP’s online courses offer high quality self-paced learning, delivered in an interactive way.

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Please note, the links to these courses will take you to an IFRC Learning Platform which requires a login (arranged through IFRC, no cost).

Introduces the basics of blood and blood donation so that donor recruiters can commence activities in recruiting safe donors. The full course (Modules 1-4) is designed to promote safe and sustainable blood systems based on VNRBD and in line with IFRC Blood Policy.

This module explores donor recruitment in further depth, introducing tools and techniques donor recruiters can use to attract voluntary, unpaid blood donors (VNRBDs). 

This module examines donor retention which is vital for a sustainable blood supply, looks at how recruiters can plan and implement activities in VNRBD, and touches on program sustainability mechanisms.

This module focuses on strategies to encourage replacement donors to return and become regular donors. From recognising the barriers and vulnerabilities families face when needing to find a replacement donor, to establishing a good relationship with all donors through customer service.

This module covers what group blood donation is and why it is popular, which sort of groups we can engage, how to start and maintain a program, and the value of group blood donation during disasters.


This module looks at the ways blood donor behaviour is changing globally, and examines tools and strategies that can be used to adapt to meet the demand for blood.

This module focuses on disaster planning and response – specifically in the context of donor management and continuity of the blood supply.

This Module reviews the basics of COVID-19 transmission and prevention, and examines strategies to keep blood collection facilities, staff, and donors safe while meeting the demand for blood.