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Please note – some links in our past newsletters (prior to May 2023) may be inactive due to the launch of our new website at this time. If there is a specific resource that you would like to access, please visit our Knowledge hub, use the site search, or contact us.

E-Learning: Donor management in disasters | Remote donor counselling webinar recording | IFRC Blood Policy | New WHO guidance blood in emergencies

Webinar: Remote donor counselling | Brochure: Donor retention | GAP Global Mapping survey

Webinar: Improving the donor experience (Australian Red Cross Lifeblood) | Brochure: Ebola virus and blood programs

Brochure: Monkeypox – common questions about the virus and blood safety | Useful information for blood programs

E-learning and video: Group blood donation programs | Webinar: Donor deferral and blood program needs assessment | Brochure: donor postponement

WBDD materials and webinar | Managing blood donor data

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