Global Advisory Panel on Corporate Governance and Risk Management of Blood Services in Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


What is the Self-assessment?

GAP’s principal tool when working with National Society Blood Services is the Self-assessment questionnaire.  The Self-assessment assists National Societies to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to support the long term stability and sustainability of their blood service without exposing the Society to any unnecessary risks. The Self-assessment enables National Society blood programmes to measure their progress against key issues which have been identified as fundamental aspects of corporate governance and risk management for Red Cross/Red Crescent blood programs.

Self-assessment Process

GAP regularly distributes the Self-assessment questionaire to all Category A National Society blood services in each IFRC region. Following submission of their completed questionnaires, participating blood services receive a detailed individual feedback report from GAP that:

  • Provides an individual analysis of their country specific results, highlighting potential corporate governance and risk management areas of concern which may need to be addressed;
  • Offers recommendations and strategies for the consideration of the blood service that it can incorporate into its organisational and risk management planning.

Additionally, participant blood services may also receive a de-identified report of the Self-assessment results for their region, which enables the blood service to compare their performance for each key issue against regional benchmarks and best practices.

GAP maintains strict confidentiality with regard to any information provided to it by the National Society Blood Service. This increases the likelihood that the information provided is accurate and enables the blood service to receive appropriate advice on how to address any specific issues that may have been identified.

The Self-assessment questionnaire is available here.

Regional Meetings

The Self-assessment process culminates in a GAP regional meeting to which all participant blood services and relevant partners are invited to attend. The results of the Self-assessment are outlined, key regional issues and themes are highlighted, and specific tools and information are provided to assist the blood services to manage their key risks. Partnering opportunities and twinning arrangements for blood services with stronger regional partners may also be identified.