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Communication and awareness

Build community awareness and trust through simple and reliable blood donation messaging. Streamline your communications using GAP’s templates and educational resources.

Online training – eLearning courses on blood education and blood donor recruitment

Perfect for new staff and volunteers who would like to learn about blood and blood donation in a self-paced and engaging way.

Videos for education and awareness

Short, educational videos for staff and volunteers (ie. can be shown during training). If you would like this video with subtitles in your local language, please contact GAP.

Pre-donation education talks

Use this document to train staff and volunteers in providing a presentation to community groups and education institutions on blood donor eligibility criteria, blood need, addressing fears, myths or misconceptions – and ending with a clear call to action to donate blood.

Communication materials for blood donation (customisable templates)

These materials are suitable for mobile collection events or in-centre. They aim to motivate donors to donate blood and make the donor pool safer by teaching them reasons they may not be eligible to donate (to promote self-deferral).


Contact GAP if you would like these adapted for your blood program (ie. based on your country criteria, logos etc).  


Materials for donors

Watch our GAP webinars 

Learn more about effective strategies for donor recruitment. From donor communication basics to the donor experience, we have a range of videos to support your activities.


Learning manuals for blood donor recruitment (for staff and volunteers)

Blood donation educational game and posters

(for staff and volunteers – developed by IFRC)

Social media resources (IFRC)

  • Access and adapt from Canva here

Celebrate World Blood Donor Day on June 14th every year

The event serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary, unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood.


Blood donation during Ramadan

During Ramadan there are important donor safety and messaging considerations with regards to fasting and blood donation. Learn more about this in our information sheet.

It is important to understand how to recruit sufficient numbers of safe blood donors during and following a disaster, including how to communicate with stakeholders (blood service, government, public), what key messages to communicate, and how to plan and prepare for future disasters or emerging risks.


Current emerging threats or disasters

  • COVID-19 Case study – an example of how blood programs respond to the challenges of the pandemic. Note. the response will vary based on the type of threat, extend of outbreak and country situation, please consider this carefully.

WHO Guidance

Information for donor management during disasters or threats to the blood supply

Pandemic-related information brochures (adapted based on lessons from COVID-19):

  • Useful strategies for a safe and sufficient blood supply (the experience of blood programs) – English | Francais
  • Managing potential long-term impact of a pandemic – English | Francais
  • Meet demand and maintain safety – English | Francais

Online training

  • eLearning module on blood donation during disasters – Access here (login required, no cost)