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Blood donation and planning

Unsure how to maximise collections at your blood drives? Actively recruit blood donors and organise safe and well-planned events using GAP’s resources for promotion, planning and monitoring.

It is important to ensure donors have a good experience donating blood and are invited back to donate again. This supports the retention of safe, repeat donors.

Information brochures

Online training – eLearning module on donor retention

For encouraging family and replacement donors to return as regular, voluntary donors.

Information brochure: advice and strategies for blood programs

Customisable communication materials

Contact GAP if you would like these adapted for your blood program (ie. based on your country criteria, logos etc).

Online training – eLearning module on group blood donation

Perfect for new staff and volunteers who would like to learn about group blood donation in a self-paced and engaging way.

Educational videos on group blood donation

Short, educational videos for staff and volunteers to learn how to set up a group program

(Also known as “outreach” or “mobile camps”)

Useful example of how to run successful blood drives

(courtesy of, and with permission from, American Red Cross)

Information brochures:

Blood drive planning templates

See below section “Useful tools to plan your activities” for these templates

For general planning of activities and tracking of results:

  • Annual Activities Planner (download) – a useful tool to develop a range of strategies and activities with associated targets
  • Blood collection results by month (download) – for reporting monthly results of mobile events, donor groups (VNRBD, family and replacement, retained donors) to support developing and working toward targets and monitor supply planning
  • Donor satisfaction survey (download) – for monitoring of the donor experience – you can’t improve what you can’t measure

For planning of blood drives:

  • Assessment of the targeted population (download) – use this to help decide whether a location or population will be a suitable target for a blood donation event
  • Blood donor mobile planning tool (download) – an excel template that helps you to coordinate and schedule blood drives, compile contact details of locations and key persons, and track activity (number of donors) at these events
  • Blood donation campaign report (download) – tracks the results of a mobile collection event, such as community group, distance travelled, total donating blood etc